Loans for unemployed – To ease your life in the days of no regular income

Either by choice or by circumstances, when you quit a job, financial matters gather soon to show their importance. They are ignorant of your reason to leave a job, and their only destiny is to occur. This creates an obvious need to make arrangements for money. For that, saved money is the first choice, but that may not be sufficient or available every time. In that case, loans for unemployed in Ireland can become an advisable option.

My Finance Cash provides funds to the jobless people in Ireland on interest rates that are low due to the feature of customisation. We consider your personal financial circumstances and never apply generalised rules while taking a decision on the loan applications.

How do you make it possible to borrow funds despite no job?

Being a direct lender, we pay heed to the repayment capacity that is not a slave to employment status. Your current ability to pay a loan is more important for us. If you can prove any possible source of income after job loss, it is not difficult for us to approve the loan application on unemployed loans.

Possible income sources you can present

  • Money from freelance work
  • Rental income
  • Part-time job
  • Income from benefits

Guaranteed approval despite bad credit

Yes, the word ‘despite’ perfectly explains the importance of the feature of ‘guaranteed approval’ we provide you on bad credit score. The policy of relying on capacity to afford a loan that is present prevalently in our strategy is the reason behind this approach. Show us that capacity and get an assured access to funds with guaranteed loans for unemployed.

You need this to get money with poor credit score

  • Salary slip from the last job
  • Bank statement
  • Proof of any possible current income

Loan amount

Minimum €1000 to maximum €10,000


Minimum 3 months maximum 36 months

To borrow more than €5000 you need to have a minimum monthly income of €500.

We have a lower interest rate to offer if your bad credit situation is not consistent. In fact, to such applicants, we even provide payday loans. 30 seconds take for approval decision and fund disbursement in 10 minutes. The actual message to understand is, you are the only game-changer, and if you play in the desired way, funds can be achieved easily.

Loan procedures with no impact of credit check

It is not difficult for us to understand your concern and worry on credit check if you are a bad credit scorer or a first-time borrower with no credit history. Both the situations are not suitable for credit check. To avoid this situation for you, we have soft credit check process as the ultimate solution. This helps you borrow money without leaving any search footprint on credit records. A safer way to apply and avail funds.

A look at the prime features we offer with our loans –

  • No Pre-Judgement
  • No fees
  • 100% paperless procedures
  • Personalised pricing
  • Instant approval decision
  • No broker
  • No guarantor required
  • No collateral required
  • 24x7 online support

Change your repayment schedule on phone

My Finance Cash offers customised deals and that calls our attention to ensure every facility that enhances the feature of customisation. The borrowers are always concerned about their repayment schedule. According to the change in their financial conditions, they may want to tailor the way they pay the instalments. You are also on the same boat. Right? We have made arrangements for that by letting you make the due changes whenever required. Give us a call, express the requirement, complete basic formalities online and things get done instantly.

My Finance Cash is firm on its roots and has the expertise to provide financial solutions for impossible situations. Unemployed loans are among the choices that the company provides to help people struggling from the bad phase of their professional, financial as well as personal life.

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Very easy nowadays...all thanks to the online lenders that are working in a much flexible way than their traditional counterparts. As a borrower, you only have to follow these instructions:

  • Start an easy and straightforward online application on lender’s website
  • Fill out the entire details that are mandatory
  • Submit it and wait for the approval

The online system allows instant approval on unemployed loans in Ireland.

You do not need to go anywhere. In fact, you can apply by sitting at your living place. You only need to have an online connection so that you can apply at the lender’s website. The FinTech lenders in Ireland like MyFinanceCash offer the option of online loans for unemployed with bad credit that is quite away from the hefty process.

It can be complicated most of the times. Lenders do ask for income status before giving business loan to unemployed people. However, when we look in Ireland marketplace, it can be seen that everything is possible.

Lenders like MyFinanceCash have opened their lending doors for every individual. It can offer unemployed loan for business if you show your repayment capacity and collateral or guarantor, if possible.

Indeed, you are well eligible for guaranteed loan for unemployed in Ireland. The online lending has made everything easier than previous years and lenders too have become advanced to their approach. The ratio of loan application denial has dropped significantly because of the online lending system.

The reputed direct lenders in Ireland like MyFinanceCash have taken many initiatives to give guaranteed loan approval to the borrowers, if they show sincerity towards the loan deal particularly the repayments.

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