Searching for Best Deal on Short Term Payday Loans Online?

Do you need cash right now? Reality is that most of the people prefer to use their savings or ask money from friends or family members to calm down the impact of the financial emergency. Well, this may be an alternative, but cannot be a solution. The short term payday loans in ireland are the only way to reach the goal of getting money on an instant basis and without any need of paying hefty repayments later.

The financial marketplace has plenty of options available when it comes to such small loans such as payday loans or loans for bad credit. People believe that the long term loans are more secure than these small funding sources considering the obligations involved. But, no one can deny their importance especially during the situation of:

  • Unexpected financial difficulties
  • Starting a small enterprise
  • Improving the credit profile
  • Making credit card payments
  • For emergency savings

Whatever is your purpose of applying for the short term loans, MyFinanceCash can help with its fully customised loan deals to meet your personal ends. Show your trust in us, and we will deliver the best assistance to save your finances.

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How Will I Qualify?

Our doors of short term loans are open for everyone and one can easily fetch amount from €1000 to €10000 without any hassle. You can easily get loans as long as you are:

  • at the minimum age of 18
  • holding an active bank account
  • a permanent resident
  • earning a reliable source of income

In most of the times, lenders do prefer borrowers holding a better credit score (above 581). We fit in the FinTech concept of lending where every person irrespective of his or her credit score can seek for early assistance and have an immediate peace of mind.

You have access to Loan! Do these things

Do you want urgent funds to repair your car? Or, is your home requiring an immediate improvement? If yes then why you are waiting for long? MyFinanceCash is there to help you in turning your probabilities into the possibilities.

Come to us and we are already prepared with bespoke offers on short term loans in ireland to back you in achieving your targets. However, you just need a few minutes to complete the loan process, which is as follows:

Select How Much You Need:
Know your purposes of applying for the loans and then analyse your repayment capacity. It is the best way to prepare yourself for the best results through such external funding access. It will also help us in framing the loan terms and conditions according to your capacity.

Fill Out an Online Application Form:
Your next step would be to fill out our short and simple online application form. Fill the columns with mandatory details like age, residence, income proof and bank account.

Submit the Application and Feel Relaxed:
Once you submit your loan application, you can leave everything on us. We quickly work out on your loan request and if it approved, there will be no delay in transferring of the funds and that will be on the same day.

Simple as you can get...Isn't it? Yes, indeed.

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Why Only Us to Apply for Short Term Loans

The payday loans may not be feasible as per the directions of the concerned authority, but the Irish citizens can acquire the advantages of such small loans with our personalised offers.

You may be wondering why only MyFinanceCash to approach when many other lending institutions are there with effective lending products. Well, you may be correct especially when we have not spent too much time in the financial marketplace here. Still, we always present many unique features with our financial products, which make us quite different from other direct lenders.

Some of the most unusual attributes of our short term loans are:

  • A fully online loan application procedure
  • Instant approval with instant fund disbursal
  • Flexible lending rates and repayment terms
  • Borrow amount as per your financial need
  • No early repayment fees and no hidden charges

You are now quite familiar with all the features that we associate with our loan products. Thus, make the full use of our personalised loan rates and get the loan with no surprises at all.


You can easily apply for the short as well long term goals. All you have to do is approach the online lenders in Ireland. These lenders understand your financial situations, and this is the reason they provide various types of loan. To access them, you have to fill a simple online application form, and you will get the approval within a day.

There are various types of short term loans, such as:

Loans for bad credit: In this type of loans, you will get the approval without any credit check. Or, in rare cases lender may perform a soft credit check.

Doorstep loans: Lender will provide the funds at your doorstep. It means you do not have to visit anywhere.

Quick Loans: Here, you will receive instant money once you apply. Approval rate of such loans are quite high and can be applied even with bad credit.

There are various factors in which your loan amount depend. In most cases, the lender considers 50% of your salary as a loan amount. As you have mentioned that your salary is 4000 Euro, then you may receive the funds around 1500 Euro to 2000 Euro without any inconvenience. Though, it may vary from one loan provider to another.

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