Why are Online Lenders Providing Quick Loans in Ireland?


Since the inception of online lending, quick loans have become prominent among borrowers. Even though online lending mainly helps people with bad credit during financial emergencies, the quick disbursal process is what makes these loans very popular. Regardless of your credit rating, traditional lenders tie you up with formalities that delay the process of funds transfer, which mounts up your frustration especially when you need money urgently.

Quick loans in Ireland are small loans that help you tide over when you fall short of cash. If you need money for an unforeseen expense, you can turn to direct lenders and apply for these loans. You will get funds as immediately as possible provided you prove your repayment capacity. The length of these loans cannot be more than a month and hence do not come with instalment facility.

There are various finance companies in Ireland providing quick loans to fund unexpected expenses, and the main reason for this is to get you out of financial problems. Emergencies do not knock at the door and they have nothing to do with your credit rating and employment status.  

Traditional lenders will lend you money only when you have a good credit standing and a steady source of income. What if your credit rating is poor or you are unemployed? Seeking financial assistance from traditional lenders will be a doltish move.

The best finance company in Ireland provides quick loans for the following reasons:

To prevent you from embarrassment

Lending aims at helping you during cash shortfalls. Quick loans may prevent you from facing embarrassment. Imagine you are to foot the bill and you have left your wallet at home. What will you do? You can get funds quickly in your account and avoid having egg on your face by applying for quick loans.

To help people with bad credit

Traditional lenders do not entertain applications from bad credit borrowers. Online lenders understand that financial irresponsibility does not always account for disappointing credit file. They believe that you can catch up with emergencies, therefore do not turn down your application. However, you must have repayment potential.

To help the unemployed

During unemployment, survival becomes tougher. Without having a steady source of income, you cannot borrow money from traditional lenders, but a few direct lenders provide quick loans to the unemployed, but you must have another source of income such as rental income or unemployed benefits.

However, these are not the only reasons why quick loans have attained eminence. From the borrowers’ point of view, the following are the reasons for applying for quick loans:

Boost credit score

Quick loans come with a small amount of money, and hence it is not difficult to pay off on time. Timely repayments can help you boost your credit score. Once your credit score improves, the chances of borrowing money at affordable interest rates go up.

Same day disbursal

The most significant benefit of quick loans is you can get money the same day you apply for. If your lender is convinced with your affordability and credibility, you will get money in a couple of minutes after approval. This is why these loans are also known as quick loans with same day in Ireland.

No obligation

Whether your credit history is bad or you are temporarily unemployed when you take out quick loans, you do not need to arrange collateral, nor a guarantor with a good credit history.

To summarise, when you apply for quick loans, make sure that you have analysed your affordability. If you fall behind repayments, you will likely fall into debt. Try to borrow money from a lender that offers deals at low interest rates.

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