Three Professions that are Appreciated More than They are Paid

Many of us have faced times when we are at a financial impasse, and there is not many ways to escape that conundrum.

If you are one of the many who have experienced it, you would be able to relate to this story, and if not, then you should thank your lucky stars every day.

Ireland is a country with a per capita income that is higher than even the Great Britain; yes it is, look up the numbers if you do not believe me.

Despite being a reasonably prosperous nation, there are still hundreds and thousands of people who are earning minimum wage and pray that no unexpected expense comes their way because they do not have the financial ability to pay for that.


What do these people do that they are earning so little?

Are they not working as diligently as the people who earn more?

Are they in the wrong kind of profession?

The answer to these questions is a little more complicated than that. Let us have a look at the people who are more in need of small loans in Ireland because of their scarce income.

The Entertainers

Have you ever been to a restaurant where live performances occur often?

If you have, then you must have seen that the performers may have immense talent. They may be able to enchant the audience with their art form, and they may even be the talk of the town for that weekend; however, the income they earn from those shows and events is not as appealing as the show itself.

Many restaurants would only pay the entertainer of the night in full if he can secure a full house all night. If not, then he may have to settle for whatever the owner pays.

Even if the comedian, the musician or the singer had brought in more business than usual for the night, the restaurant and pub owners still do not pay them their share of income.

I find this extremely unfair since the last one I saw was beyond hilarious, and I went up and told him that.

The Waiting Staff

Can you imagine a restaurant or a hotel without the waiting staff?

I cannot. Yes, McDonald’s is one example of a self-serving restaurant, but if a local diner were to become like that, would you be willing to go there? I guess not.

The valet, the hostess and the servers, every person plays a role in our dining experience, and we should appreciate them and the majority of us do. Despite us knowing their importance, we often do not translate that appreciation into monetary terms, I mean tips.

Many of us do not tip at all. Many give a tip about 5 to 10% of the bill, and only a few of us give a tip that puts a smile on the server’s face.

Of course, these people do get a salary; but that salary is not enough for them to ever seek Provident loans in Ireland to pay for any financial emergency that they may face.

Being on our feet for 10 hours every day is not easy at all, so we must show them that we understand their hard work by tipping them well.

The Construction Workers

This is by far the most challenging job profiles of all three.

If you look at the construction worker’s hands and see how callused they are, you would understand how much effort and hardships go into this job.

They work in the heat, they work in work, and some even have to work despite being sick. This is because if you take a leave, you will lose your pay for that day.

The contractors for whom these people work are ruthless; they want the work done. And since this is a blue-collar job, they do not get the kind of benefits you and me might have. If you are an immigrant, be prepared to get a wage lower than everyone else on your team.

These people build our homes, our offices, our front and back yards, we are so thankful for their work, yet they do not get the deserved remuneration.

You tell me, how is that fair?

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