Is Ireland The Paradise On Earth?

The way God had made Earth was nothing less than extraordinary. The natural beauty still seen on our planet is mesmerising at the least. It is mankind that has tried to destroy our mother earth in the name of advancements. Places like China and India have become so overpowered by pollution that living there takes a toll of the inhabitant’s health. Then there is the Middle East, a country like Syria, which is combating a civil war since 2012. Air attacks and bomb blasts are an everyday occurrence for the Syrians.

It was not God’s intention. He did not want His believers to suffer a fate like this. He wanted us to live harmoniously with other people and all the other beings he has made. But we have been slowly and steadily sabotaging God’s plan.

However, there are still some places in our world that are not hell-bent on knocking down other species and nature. One such place is Ireland. It is a beautiful country situated on the west coast of Europe touching the Atlantic Ocean. This blog is written not just to accentuate the natural beauty of this heaven on earth, but also to demonstrate the fact it is one of the few nations in the world that has managed to advance without disrupting its natural environment technologically.

The Scenic Beauty of Ireland

The beauty found in Ireland is unlike any other. From the lush green pastures to the sky-scraping mountains; from tiny brooks to gigantic waterfalls; everything that is naturally beautiful is found in this paradise. Two of the most iconic marvels of this land are;

  • Cliffs of Moher; these are the pride of Ireland. Set along the Atlantic coast, they expand for over 5 miles. These cliffs are not tiny, but rather 400 feet tall. Their height provides a hypnotic view of the entire expanse of the ocean. Watching the sunset on the cliffs with your partner should be on your bucket list.
  • Rock of Cashel; these are medieval buildings that look like castles, having been constructed in the 12th century. Even though the structures are human-made, their surrounding greenery and their rocky foundation make the Rock of Cashel seem almost like nature’s wonder. It is a true believer’s haven as there is a Romanesque Cormac’s Chapel and Hall of Vicars, wherein the Celtic relics of St. Patrick are kept.

There are plenty more sites and wonders to see, but these must have given you a fair idea of why travellers covet to see Ireland.

Pollution Free?

As of now, I don’t think any part of Earth is pollution-free, except for the ones uninhabited by humans. Be it the Americas or Asia, the fright of pollution is omnipresent. The critical question now is which places are less affected by it.

Ireland is a nation that has a relatively lower amount of air pollutants. According to the WHO pollution index, the number is just 32.59, which is lower than most EU nations. A reason for the same is our country’s position along the coast. Since we are located right on the Atlantic Ocean, we receive only fresh air.

With the number of water springs and rivers, the proportion of water pollutants is even lower than air. We also have only moderate levels of noise and light pollution as compared to higher percentage witnessed by the majority of the world.

How Advanced is Ireland?

Some people think that because Ireland is such a small country, it cannot be very advanced technology-wise. But that is not the case. We are one of the wealthiest nations in the OECD, even more so than our neighbour. Our per capita income is almost a third higher than that of the British.

Our capital, Dublin, has become the hub of Multinational corporations from all over the world. They seek not only our healthy business environment, but also our educated and skilled workforce.

Many of our workers opt to work for these multinationals, but not all. Some of the Irish want to capitalise their skill in their own companies. For this purpose, they take on loans in Ireland for business. Irish companies like Iona Technologies were established with the same principle.

Who Aids the Enhancements?

When a country’s people advance, the country advances with them. Perhaps that is why the governments are the first in line to cater to their citizen’s needs.

All advancements and upgradations need funding. This financial aid can be sought from various platforms;

  • The state is the first option. Irish government provides several grants and subsidies to whoever wants to find it. From students to business people, everyone is catered for by the government.
  • Banks and other financial institutions are the next option. When a person wants to buy his first home or when he decides to start up his medical practice, a bank is always there to support him financially through loans.
  • Direct lenders are the last resort. For the people whose loan banks deny applications, online lenders are the only option left. They even provide bad credit loans with an instant decision in Ireland for accelerated economic growth.

In the end, I would like you to contemplate the answer to the question asked in the title. Do you not think Ireland is a paradise? I certainly think it is. It is the epitome for all nations. It teaches the world that to destroy your natural surroundings in the name of developments is unjustified and cruel. Development can happen without the demolishment of nature, as is done by us.

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