Enjoy The Bliss Of Green On St. Patrick’s Day Parade

St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Comedy and story-telling when combines, you can get the most prestigious celebration of 2019 in Ireland and that is St. Patrick’s festival. It is the most awaited time of the year when people are curious to attend the Grand Marshal parade. Everyone knows that day follows the theme of green and comprise with all kinds of drinks. It is important to cherish this day because it brings your soul back to your body with full enjoyment and exuberance around the corner. The theme of the parade gives everyone a wakeup call to come out and enjoy the day of merriment in the due respect of St. Patrick.

People who are not the part of Ireland must be curious to attend the special day of 17th march. Sometimes finances do not allow you to rule over your heart and because of that you might have led back most of plans. Hey do not worry when you wish a certain thing to happen very religiously then no one can stop the natural urge to let you make it happen.

Let just get on with some interesting ideas so that you can play in the parade and get pleasure from the happiness to your heart out.      

  • Go green with everything
  • Bake something green
  • Watch a holiday inspired movie
  • Play scavengers hunt
  • Lastly, do not forget about the BIG PARADE in Dublin

What is the concept behind GREEN?

It would be surprising to know that its original colour was blue but later, it changed. The St. Patrick wore a green shamrock and that wear was the symbol of Holy Trinity To The Pagans which can relate with the Irish nationalism.

Why al the pubs and bars are closed on that day?

The day was kept to enjoy and celebrate among the family members with all fun of music and dance but it is a rumour that because of all the Americans  have turned this fest into a drinking fest. After this encounter of statement, all the pubs and bars specially told to remain closed on that day.

Are you wondering about some interesting things to do on that day?

If your answer is yes, then you must book your tickets to Dublin. The place can give you an eminent vibes of sheer happiness. You should book as soon as possible because that day is also considered as the busiest day of the month. You need to pack yourself up to 5 days in the city to cherish the amazing festivals.

There is much more than festivals you need to have a follow up on it. If you want to plan your trip to Dublin start booking your stay, flight and departure now because the days are coming closer.

 A suggestion– Pick most of your things green from your home town only. If in case you planned to buy in the city then you may get the things on expensive price. Why? Because, it’s St. Patrick’s Day.

It is the time to enrol for events

Apart from parade, there are other iconic stuffs to enjoy which can help you to stuck involve in the city blindly. Let just start the count of events,

  • Look for a places which is known as Green City
  • Irish beer craft market-  to enjoy some tasty bites of food and enjoy some brews as well
  • Put on your dancing shoes for the Irish festival called ceili.
  • Scavenger hunt- enrol your name for the trick- solution game, which is known as the most interesting and brainstorming to play.
  • Charm your eyes with boat race of Irish university at River Liffey
  • Enjoy the beat and rhythm with by grabbing the tickets of music and artist performances 

What to DRINK?

When you felt stuck and tired, then you must order for the Guinness at storehouse. It can be your place to buy an energy drink to spend rest of the days in the country. It is said that you have to keep a store of it to save for national holiday. The day is the busiest to buy any of the drink in town. In your surroundings, you can easily find drunkards round yourself. On that note, it is an advice, do not go crazy in drink save your sanity to enjoy the ambience around you.

Things you need to be prepared for

With the happy week going on, you should prepare with certain things so that you do not go in a panic state in order to chuck the situation.


The day is only for the St. Patrick’s parade day. And, specifically on that day roads will not be full with cars and horns instead with people in huge amount while making it all green. However, you must take a road walk rather going by any car or bike.


It is an important advice and to keep on the top of the priority list. There might be a situation if you need some extra cash so prepare yourself for that in case of emergency. You do not have to stand in long queue to get the cash.

Note- In case you have failed to get the cash from the ATMs, do NOT worry because you can anytime avail instant short-term loan to cover your urgent need with an easy repayment mode.

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