A €15 Silver Coin to Tribute Great Musician Phill Lynott Introduced In Ireland

The President of Ireland Michael D. Higging introduced a €15 coin to celebrate the 70th anniversary year of the legendary Irish musician and songwriter Phill Lynott.  The coin was launched in an official event at St. Kevin’s College, Crumlin. This was the Alma matter of Lynott where he completed his education.

A bit reflection of the Lynott’s life

Phill Lynott was born in the west midlands of England but due to racism issues, his mother sent him Dublin to live with his parents. He worked as lead vocalist for several bands and later formed his own band named ‘thin Lizzy’ along with other guitarists like Skid Row and Gary Moore in 1970.

The band got their first success with the album “Whiskey in the jar” that was consequently followed by other several hits during the mid-70s with popular songs like “The boys are back in town”, “Jailbreak”, “Waiting for the Alibi”, and many others. After that, Lynott also releases his solo albums that were also great hits such as “Dear Miss Lonely hearts”, King’s Call’ and ‘Old Town’ in which the video featured Lynott walking across the street of Dublin.

Unfortunately, Lynott died at a young age of 36 in the year 1986, but his work and efforts still echo in the ears of the music lovers across the country.

About the silver coin introduced

Currently, 3,000 coins will be made available for the general public that will cost around €64.99. The coin is designed by Sandra Deiana, a famous architect. The coin is basically a tribute to Irish icon that consists of Lynott’s illustration in his famous characteristic pose along with his bass guitar and sound waves emerging out of it.

There is also a graphic representation of a vinyl record at the back the main focal point of the coin. The regulating body has declared that the coins are made for collectors, not for general use. Unlike usual coins, the collector coins are given to specific individuals who can handle coins with care and protect it from tarnishing. So, the coin will not be for financial purpose but for those who will keep it as an antique safely.

This is the second time since such coins are introduced. Last year in 2018, a similar silver coin was introduced in the tribute of Rory Gallagher. Recently, two one euro stamps was also introduced, in which one stamp featured a representation of Lynott and the other featured the main cover of his popular band ”Thin Lizzy” that was sold in Ireland.

What the authority has to say about this

The deputy governor Sharon Donnery who is also a resident of Crumlin during the launch of the coin said “The Central Bank is proud to be issuing this fabulous coin to celebrate such an iconic musician. We are particularly pleased to be launching it in Crumlin: Phil Lynott grew up on Leighlin road and went to school here at St Kevin’s College”.

“Phil Lynott’s iconic status, his contribution to modern Irish music and the enduring popularity of his music is why the Bank has issued a coin honouring him.”

The coin will be available for purchase from 27th November Wednesday since 10 AM. However, keep in mind that per buyer can buy a maximum of only 3 coins.

So, if you are a great fan of Phill Lynott and want to buy the coin, then make sure that you get them at the collector site and buy them before the stock runs out.

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